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Boy Enema Pictures: Cleaning Joshua hole

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Boy Enema Pictures: Alejandro tries enema in tub

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Boy Enema Pictures: Enema for friends in bath

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Amateur Boy Pissing on a Bowl

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There’s something real exciting and forbidden about pissing. It’s ribald but then, it’s also erotic watching a sexy hawt guy take out his dick and then take a piss before wiggling his weenie to make sure that there’s no drip. This is why Amateur Boy Pissing collects the best gay pissing photos and movies to satisfy any pissing fetish that you may have. Head over to the site now and have a fun a variety of hotties playing with their piss or even swallowing some piss. This time, we have a sexy guy taking a piss and enjoying the dribble of his juice on the bowl when this guy realized that this guy can do something so much better and more fun with it. When this guy took another piss later on the day, this guy didn’t go to the toilet to do it but instead took out a tiny bowl. this guy sure was excited to do something so forbidden and so this guy enjoyed every second of seeing his pee gather on the bowl and how it looked real frothy. It seems like this hottie is just about to give his sexy boyfriend his piss for him to swallow. click this link to see the hawt photos now!

Boy Enema Pictures: Cola_horny_lover

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those infantile brats seem to never get enough of their silly sodas. Well, time has come to give their obsession a whole new meaning! The old tire turned out to be a great piece of equipment, not letting the sexy lanky boy move much and revealing every bit of his tasty boypussy. A shy smile was all over his face as this guy was ordered to stop fucking about and load his sorry booty with that soda. Letting out a cute leak to free some inner space, the little bastard took almost the entire bottle and squirted the sweetness out right away.
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Boy Enema Pictures: Boy get enema using bottle

Posted by admin on June 3rd, 2012
those boys, it`s so lovely when they get creative and excited about something they truly love. Well, for this one, this guy had definitely developed an obsessive infatuation with getting his delicate tasty booty filled with all sorts of liquid. His creativity was absolutely amazing. this guy came up with this idea of plugging his booty with a part of a plastic bottle which still had the mouth and the widening neck. Thus, his puckered hole was ready to receive whatever the Master was ready to give. The mad enema freak willingly got his booty loaded with water which came up to his lungs – and relieved himself right away!
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Boy Enema Pictures: Milk enema

Posted by admin on May 15th, 2012
The boy had been trying to come up with a way to please and entertain his Master in a whole new way for it felt like a week. Finally this guy came up with something really phat. His Master didn`t have to do a thing. The boy got a funnel and a bottle of milk, then this guy pulled his knees up to his face, and started feeling his pooper with the cold white liquid. The sensation was unearthly. this guy was trying really hard not to spill a drop, and this guy didn`t. Soon this guy couldn`t take another drop and submission blended deliciously with the discomfort of the enema. In a few seconds this guy was squirting the milk all over the tray.
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Boy Enema Pictures: Shaving and getting enema

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It all started like some pretty usual bathtub play, but this boy had something else on his mind. Shaving! this guy took the cream and the razor and pretty soon his chocolate hole was smooth as paradise. Feeling the smoothness the boy started getting aroused – well, who wouldn`t. this guy did such a thorough job! Aroused and ready to get even smoother and cleaner, the boy started pumping his rectum full of water. The discomfort of being full of it was very well balanced by the relief of the discharge. All this playing made his sensitive areas send signals to his brain – and there this guy was, stroking his penis like avid.
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